Monday, October 22, 2007

zaakli muth sawwa lakhachi

As long as people do not know our weaknesses we are safe..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pawul waje aapla

pawul waje aapula ani mhana magun kon ala

This means that we normally ignore in many cases that we ourselves are the root of some problems

Monday, October 8, 2007

Kunachi mhais kunala uth bais

Sometimes we get stuck in someone else's work.

Thus in office sometimes when a colleague is absent and we have to attend to his/her work,we have to face the issues which he/she is responsible for.

For no fault of ours,we have to face the ire which someone else should have faced.

ye re baila,ghal....shing

Aa bail muze maar is a equivalent in Hindi.

Inviting trouble is the deeper meaning here.

Sometime we ourselves invite trouble for us.On such occasions,this saying is apt.

Satra(17) lugadi ani Bhagubai Ughadi

This literally means that inspite of 17 sarees,bhagubai(a woman) is still naked.

Deeper meaning: One may have 17 different things,but if those are not useful in need they are useless.

If I relate it to our Indian cricket team,on paper we have many tigers in the team,but when playing a mighty side like Australia,none of these tigers roar.

Thus inspite of all these tigers,we are still a weak team.(The freshers got us the T20 cup)


This blog is an attempt to collate Marathi sayings which were in frequent usage in previous generations.

the Marathi language has been influenced by globalization and there is a chance that these sayings may get extinct.

Many of these sayings have wonderful meanings and can be considered as management quotes.

This is my humble attempt to collate some such sayings.

I look forward to contributors who can enrich this blog.